hello and goodbye ,here`s Isabella• Holmes【1】

1.a night
hello, my name is Isabella· Watson. Oh, is time to call me Isabella· Holmes. I have two fathers . My dad named Sherlock Holmes who is a famous detective . And my daddy named John H. Watson ,he is a doctor. You may think I am very happy .You are right. But you don`t know the difficulties I have. I can give you an example.
the Third-person Narrative
It was a very dark night. John · Watson wore his clothes and said to the little girl:' We need to go out and will come back late tonight. Don`t wait for us.'
'Ok, Daddy, have a good night.' a girl in a white dress said with tears in her eyes.
'Oh, don`t worry about me. I will be fine' John said softly.
'I……I don`t worry. I just want to sleep.'
'hurry up, John. Or we will be late.' The detective urged.
'Take good care of yourself, dear ' John kissed on her cheek.
'You, too .Daddy.' The girl said and saw the door.
Then, she walked to the stairs ,held the candle .
' I just worry about your waist ,Daddy.' she said to herself .' Oh, I forget. if you are tired , Dad will help you go home.'
She yawned and then went on the stairs.
Hello,我的名字叫Isabella·Watson。哦,是时候叫我Isabella· Holmes了。我有两个父亲。我Dad叫Sherlock Holmes,他是一个著名的侦探。我的Daddy名叫John H. Watson,他是一名医生。你可能认为我很幸福。你是对的。但你不知道我所拥有的困难。我可以给你举个例子。
那是一个月黑风高的夜晚。John · Watson一边穿他的衣服,一边对小女孩说:“我们需要出去出去一趟,今晚将很晚回来。不用等我们了。”